Why was this site set up?

Simple really... To explore all and any opportunities for developing 3D industries in East London. It is a also a platform for the sharing information and expertise amongst like minded and progressive individuals, seeking to make a difference.

Who is the target Audience?

Any and all parties interested in furthering and implementing 3D based learning, business and resource creation agendas.

What advantages does this site bring to the Mix?

It is a first step in bringing together as many of the folks with the the necessary influence to effect changes.

What kind of jobs can a 3D professional look forward too?

There are so many career paths and options!! Whether its for Movies. Television, Video Games, Presentations, Medical, Legal, Engineering, Architecture, 3D Design gets you in the door Fast!! From high tech jobs which include precision engineering, architecture, structural & Civil engineering disciplines; jobs in product prototyping, manufacturing, machining; Gaming, content creation, VFX, DFX, Animation, printing, multimedia, etc.