My Motivation

What I am proposing is not a new concept and exists in several forms. However, as of the time of writing this, there are none based in East London actively doing what I hope we can develop.

3D Club, Training Sessions, Seminars and Workshops

The idea is simple. I wish, with your support and help, to set up a 3D Design Club/Group, with emphasis on Training and successfully running a Project Collaboration & Skills Incubation Centre.

The 3D and animation industry is booming. Currently there is no sizeable readily available pool of trained, skilled 3D Specialists among the many talented artists in East London. Although leading studios invest a lot of time, energy & effort in training capable and creative people, there still is a great demand for introductory level skills training for new enthusiasts. There has been a significant increase in the opportunities to work in this exciting field the world over. However, with regards to training and internship of new creative artists, there seems to be a huge divergence of focus within the two communities which doesn't allow them to comfortably meet & interact.

A Skills Incubation program will acts as a wonderful platform for bridging this gap. The program will be designed to give Talented Locals and possibly others in East London, the opportunities of gain valuable work flow, core skills and production experience. It will also afford attendees the chance to work with other local talented creatives, make long term contacts and work on collaborative projects.

It will also prepare those interested in going into further education for the challenges they will meet. It will save travel time too for local enthusiasts who currently have to commute to meet other like minded creatives.

Proposed Core & Initial Training Courses and Programs.

To start off, we should consider looking at using popular Open Source "free" applications such as:

Blender: Used for modelling, rigging, animation, rendering, and game development.

Daz Studio 3D: Used for figure manipulation and clothing simulations

Unity 3D: Used for developing game.

I can also run the necessary introductory computer courses needed to get participants up to speed, so as to take advantage of the Design Course.

Resources and Infrastructure Requirements

1. A dedicated training suite with sufficient time slots, is needed for the purpose of offering onsite training and a venue for holding seminars and workshops. The configuration is not vitally important as the training programs can be adapted to suit the location.

2. Key applications need to be purchased or made available. For now there are only two, the Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Photoshop.

3. Access to digital printer/s to produce a limited quantity of course handouts. Majority of the Student resources will be either on an internal LAN or if you have web hosting on a section of your site online. Possibly password protected.

4. I will also outline course programs for these applications, with special emphasis on how they relevant to the 3D design work flow.

5. You will take the lead in promoting and advertising the courses.

Development of Other Courses

I can quickly develop and confidently teach start up to advanced courses in 3ds Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, Poser, Microsoft Office.

I also looked in-depth at Motionbuilder, Maya, BodyPaint3D, Zbrush, Google SketchUp, Vue xStream and several other key open source and mainstream proprietary applications. I also worked on workflows and projects using Web based CMS options such as Joomla. I also cover back end elements such as server configuration using Apache, Php, and MySQL.

There are lots of projects and business ideas that lead to becoming exciting course development platforms on how to effectively use combinations of these applications for numerous tasks.

Pricing of Courses and Tutor Fees

As this is an experimental program, I suggest that all initial training courses be offered free of charge to your target market. I will for go all tutor fees until all courses are well established or until funding can be agreed.

To that end I am willing to propose a 6-9 month trial period for the development of the project. We can obviously discuss this further, as everything is open to negotiation.

What is My Motivation...


Well I stop working in isolation for a start!!

I have sequestered myself for the past few years, concentrating on acquiring new skill sets to better engage and exploit the 3D scene.

I have been able to look at a vast array of software, work flow processes and production examples in order to work out best practices and great ways of enlightening others.

I primarily concentrated on getting proficient in 3DS Max. At some stage I want to set up an animation concern.

I also looked in detail, at the important steps needed to best convert, export & import information or files between applications. I understand the distinct differences amongst flavours of the FBX format, the best settings for OBJ, 3ds, Collada, lwo formats and many others.

I have had the opportunity of being at the right time and place with regards to new technology and its eventual implementation.

I did this successfully in the past by getting involved in the first big digital revolution, Desktop Publishing (DTP), way back in 1988. I got proficient in Photoshop, (started with 2.5), QuarkXpress, Aldus PageMaker, Illustrator and a host of other lithographic and flexography supporting technologies and applications.

In 1996, I jumped feet first into the internet revolution looking at the bright future that the many technologies presented. I gained a valuable understanding of web design, site management, online promotion and related technologies. Primary applications use were Dreamweaver, MS FrontPage and can you believe it!! Notepad!! Yep HTML in the early days was more easy to hand code than using the newly designed editors.

I developed training resources and taught the use of these and related applications at CoNEL and Middlesex University assisted outreach programs, in North London. I then fully embraced the private sector working exclusively in image archiving and corporate graphic design.

This is the era of 3D Design and Technology. With its direct implementation into, TV, Video, Games, Architecture, Landscaping, Interior Design, Tailoring, Fashion Design, Set Design, Product Prototyping and Manufacture, etc., there are so many opportunities on offer.

However in order to get back in the game, I need to showcase what I can do with regards to training and production.

So what better way to do that than to start at the very beginning with other like minded enthusiasts at a central venue like your Centre.

I can refine and tweak new training programs content and resources., get access to other 3D design enthusiasts, build a project led, collaborative portfolio and get in on the ground floor of a new and exciting field of design and adventure.

I also currently work from home. For online and remote work it has been a fine arrangement. However in order to progress, I now need to expand my horizons, get access to an established education/business concern and properly promote my training abilities.

Advantages to You...

What you get out of it? Well you will have access to use anything that is produced under your auspices. All the training materials, web content, 3D models, video, graphics and generic imagery created will be at your disposal to do with as you wish. I am sure it will help raise you corporate profile and can be use in promotions, recruitment for courses, seeking funding, etc.

You also get a committed and supportive locally based technophile that will be available to help with advice and basic computer technical assistance in emergencies. Yep as one who runs a personal network of computers I do have experience in solving some key issues that sometimes arise.

You also get unlimited assistance, advice and support with your web site maintenance or development. because after all a great site will be needed to promote the training programs, seminars and workshops.

You also get a grateful Ally and Compatriot in your strive to bring continued progress, advanced education, job growth and business opportunities to East Ham and East London.

The Centre becomes one of the focuses for basic & advance training, employee sourcing and collaboration venue for 3D enthusiasts and professionals in East London.

You get access to a Multimedia Designer ready to answer on the spot queries and offer helpful tips and advice. Call it a "designer-in-residence" program

So Finally...

My Primary selling points are my inter-related skill sets, practical experience and my time. I am offering these as a basis for building a successful training partnership with your organisation.

I am looking for an opportunity to experiment and build locally based progressive training options, in dynamic new digital fields of Technology.

After all no man is an Island and there is always strength in numbers.