Benefits of an Online 3d Club

Although there will be a physical location for the club for face to face meetings, workshops, training sessions, exhibitions, social events, etc, a lot of supportive and coordinated activities will take place online, via an active community web site.

Direct Advantages

  • It can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • It is always available 24/7, day or night .
  • It is fully accessible by everyone with different areas and restrictions for administrators, members, and visitors.
  • A web browser is all that is needed, as no installation required.
  • Time is saved by simplifying club administration and allowing the smooth sharing of tasks amongst administrators and moderators. It leaves more time for all involved to enjoy and participate in club activities!
  • Staff, committee and volunteer personnel changes are easy... because there is no physical paper work or files to handover!!!
  • All members take responsibility for keeping their own details up-to-date and renewing their memberships online - saving valuable admin time.
  • Increased membership could be the result of the convenient Online Registration facility and ability to pay online.
  • There will be a time saving on the administration of New Members as they will have registered Online. (saving you from entering their details).
  • Banking duties will be easier when you wish to accept payment for courses by taking advantage of Online Payments. This reduces the amount of cash and cheques that need depositing or tracking.
  • With a central database that is accessible to all, there will be only one place needed to keep everything up-to-date.
  • Communications with members is fast, efficient and relevant ,(no spamming), using the email facility or mail-merge options for selected member groups, means information is properly targeted.
  • Members with internet access are well informed and up to date on all the latest news and events, via email, forums, and articles on the website. There will be a committed sense of involvement, which translates to increased support and participation in club activities and events.
  • Club Staff and Volunteers will have an easier task of managing resources, queries, bookings, results, as all verified club members can access the relevant information from the website!
  • Members access a convenience service with a comprehensive club information system. Staff and volunteers become more accessible and efficient.
  • The club's profile and procedures will be professional in their presentation.
  • Security of the databases will be top priority and be backed-up regularly.
  • Sensitive data will be kept secure using an SSL Security Certificate.
  • Members can browse the calendar, check for events and make bookings all online.