3D Club Activities

There will be an active, exciting and stimulating program of inter personal events that will take place at agreed venues.

These will include:

  • Reviewing and testing new & existing industry standard 3D software. In some cases access to beta software can be arranged.
  • Key skills Training sessions, i.e. training or workshops are arranged based on skills deficits needed to succeed and progress at work or in academia.
  • Consistent and Continued Discussion sessions and forums, on site and online.
  • Organising of high profile events and exhibitions on the premises at agreed time and dates.
  • Maintaining and moderating Online Forums and Discussion boards.
  • Hosting and moderating Teleconferencing options, using VOIP applications, e.g. Teamspeak, Skype and Ventrilo.
  • Instigating, initiating and developing local projects that help generate employment and benefit local businesses.
  • Organising exhibitions of work done by participants and the invitation of important industry speakers.
  • Promoting the Offer of Free courses as an incentive to attend popular and advanced paid course.
  • Avenues will be sought for participating in numerous mentoring programs aimed at developing core skills for employment and academic excellence.
  • Meet and Greet Q & A Sessions with local businesses, organisations to discuss opportunities for improved cooperation and development
  • Special events will be held at agreed times to allow Members showcase their skills and personal projects.
  • Social Media and Networking Resources will be used to promote Club Members and their activities online, using freely avaiable online multimedia tools.
  • The continued compiling, cataloging, production and presentation of comprehensive 3D, 2D & Web resources for open access use by Beginners as well as Intermediate and Advanced Enthusiasts.
  • Actively encourage and build world wide industry links to enable better job and project opportunties for Members.