3D Club Concept

A 3D club can be used as a focused catch all, testing ground and accurate gauge of how 3D related programs, courses, services, and guidance can be delivered to an interested local audience.

It will be more effective and successful if it encompass all ages and groups so as to make sure the widest target audience is initially reached.

Specific events, resources and programs will be arranged to identify the best approach for developing sustained and deliverable projects.

Surveys and polls will be conducted on site and online to find out participants & visitors interests and aspirations. This information will be invaluable in coordinating and developing training programs.

I think a concerted effort needs to be made to get as many people to participate in generating the required interest.

The advantages are:

Word of mouth advertising: one of the best and fastest ways of locally promoting a new and exciting idea.

Confidence Building: For both the Participants and Trainers, Free 101 courses can make a world of difference to both parties. The Participants get a taste of what is to come and the Trainers get a continued opportunity to hone and try out new techniques and lesson plans.

Generational influence: As Participants are of different ages, (even though they may attend different age specific classes), they will readily influence and educate peers, relatives, associates and friends. Coupled with exciting events, sessions and workshops these will be a sure fire way of getting things buzzing.

Accessible Course Offers: A consistent stream of freely available quality content, like teaser sessions, guest speakers/lecturers, workshops and 101 courses to get them through the door. The idea is to emulate the model so successfully adopted by successful web entrepreneurs

Essential Advanced Courses: The eventual introduction of successful and sought after courses, with advanced content at subsidised fees, with better rates for locals. (such a program will definitely be of interest to others all over London).

Premium Membership Subscription: Offer Premium membership programs so folks can get substantial discounts on popular courses.

The Club can be an attractive and vital bridge between businesses in the 3D industry and aspiring 3D Professionals. Joint live projects can be arranged, work flow elements farmed out, (especially the low level, repetitive stuff), participants portfolios then look impressive and prospective employers have a direct means of assessing the skills of potential employees.